An ISO 9001-2015,SA8000,WRAP,SEDEX Certified Company

Veesix Garments located at Puthensanketham 18 kms away from Kollam town which was historically a port town with thousands of year’s history of trade and commence. The Veesix Garments is organized in 2006 to promote the employment opportunities in the village where the majority of inmates depend on coir industry for their livelihood that was deteriorated due to several factors.

The philosophy of Veesix Garments is to create employment opportunities for villagers who could do magnificent talent in their profession and be the flagship of quality products in the global arena with modern and professional techniques. The great legend Mahatma Ghandhiji, the father of Indian Republic, told that the development of nation lies in the development of rural villages. All religions proclaim the coexistence of human beings. The Veesix Garments believes in humanity and cooperation.

  • No child labor allows in factory work.
  • No religious discriminations allowed.
  • Equally recognize the ability of workforce. No sexual discrimination
  • Promote only quality products.
  • Believes in long term relationships
  • Keep the quality upfront by doing everything under one roof.


Veesix Garments truly believes in quality. It is starting from the procurement of quality fabrics from reputed mills in India. The quality of fabrics is reassured by independent third party lab tests. The accessories could be sourced only from reputed firms in concerned fields. This will add up finally with quality workman ship that results only in high quality product.

Veesix Garments slogan is totally revealing the sense.

Never be second.

The quality team is headed by Quality Control Manager, Group Quality In-charge and sufficient numbers of quality checkers with the help of modern technology.
In order to avoid quality problems Veesix Garments not sub letting the orders to subcontractors and ensuring the quality with stringent quality control process within the factory.

Veesix Garments believes the total management control in each and every steps of procurement, production, pressing, packing and forwarding.
Customer satisfaction is the ultimate goal of Veesix Garments.